Metro Interiors Painting Process
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Painting Quote/Estimate
We set up an appointment for a time that is convenient for you to meet with me to see the spaces that you would like to beautify.  During our discussion, we talk about paint options and colors.  After our discussion, I will put together an itemized, easy-to-read quote explaining what it will take to complete your project, as we discussed during our appointment.

Project Deposit
The deposit consists of 100% of the cost of Paint/Supplies and 50% of the cost of Labor for the entire project.  The remainder 50% of the Labor cost (balance) will be paid upon completion of the job.

Color Consultation
I put together a detailed color chart for you after receiving your deposit.  After we finalize your color choices, we are ready to begin.

Prep Work
Prior to painting, I will make sure that all surfaces are cleaned and prepped, with any existing nail holes or cracks filled.  Using my drop clothes, I will cover your floors, rugs and furniture to protect them while I am painting.  I NEVER sacrifice quality.

Paint Application
Using only high-quality paint and supplies, I will properly* apply paint to your walls.  I have spent much time and effort in finding the best supplies and brushes that help me obtain crisp, straight lines and ensure solid wall coverage. The roller covers that I use are made of 100% Wool rather than 100% Polyester.  Wool ensures proper coverage and leaves NO LINT on your walls since quality wool covers never shed.  I re-use my brushes and roller covers only after hand-washing them to remove all existing paint, which saves you money and reduces environmental waste (think “Green”).  Unfortunately, most other painting companies purchase cheap/disposable supplies for their painting crews in an attempt to save themselves money.  In doing so, they hand-off that expense to you, and demote our “Green” initiative.  This is especially true for brushes, roller covers, and cheap, plastic tarps.  One more thing… how can their painters maintain quality and consistency if they are given a new, unfamiliar brush and roller cover for every color and room they paint?

Cleaning and Storage
I will neatly store all of my paint and supplies in an unused corner of your home, and out of your way, while I am painting in your home.  Since I clean up before I leave everyday, your home will look as it was before you left - only when you return, there will be color on your wall!  I try to make the painting process as painless as possible and with the least intrusion to your household.  If you have pets, there is no need to worry about taking them with you or leaving them with someone else - Metro Interiors is Pet-Friendly.  I treat your house, and your pets, as if they were my own.

Balance Due
After the painting project has been completed to your satisfaction, the remainder of the balance is due on your account.

I know it is overwhelming to notice everything after the job is completed.  After some time, if you should happen to need a spot touched-up, I will come back and take care of it.

* Metro Interiors always applies two coats of paint.  More than two coats will be applied if using darker, high-contrast, or lower-quality paints.